Designed by the Czechoslovakian architect Antonin Tenzer, the Jalta hotel is one of the most important architectural pieces of the post-war period. Distinguished for its socialist architecture and ornate façade, the building features on the Czech UNESCO heritage list and it is known as one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in Prague.

An exceptional story beneath the streets of Wenceslas Square. Discover a nuclear fallout shelter housed in the hotel basement, spanning two floors down with a capacity of 150 people. The bunker has been converted into a Cold War Museum.
The hotel`s unique character is defined by a fusion of 1950s retro style and modern luxury, with three categories of bedrooms that become your escape from city`s lively atmosphere.

Jalta is a part of the loyalty program with Can Vistabella boutique hotel which offers luxury accommodation in Ibiza. 


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